I remember inheriting my dad's truck in the summer of 2018. The goal was to fix it up and get it back on the road. It only needed a steering rack, water pump, timing belt, shocks, struts, emergency brake repair, a bumper, and massive exhaust work.

I mean, it was a free Toyota Tundra, (who's engines and transmissions are incredibly strong and reliable), so I decided to put the money into it, albeit slowly.

The only thing I was concerned about, was the exhaust. I had the local auto parts shop pull all the codes from the check engine light that was illuminated constantly staring me in the face. Almost all of the codes were emissions related, you know, like O2 sensors and such.

Air pollution from vehicle exhaust pipe on road


I was telling a friend of mine at the time that I was concerned about the exhaust on the truck. I just didn't know if it was worth it or not to fix the exhaust. It needed like $1000 worth of repair to pass inspection, or so I thought.

The truck was a 2003 which made it more than 15 years old...I was in luck!

Massachusetts' law allows state officials responsible for the emissions program to exempt vehicles that are 15 years old before the year in which their inspection occurs. -mass.gov

I did not know that at the time, but yes, if your vehicle is 15 years or older, you are exempt from passing the emissions part of the Massachusetts Inspection Program. The safety part of it is still an absolute must, which includes that ever important third brake light (if you have a cap), and the emergency brake (which can fail from non use).

Who knows if they'll adjust this law in the future, but take advantage in any way you can. There is a lot of nice old vehicles out there!

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