I live in Adams, and at times the entire town can feel like a giant wind tunnel, with strong gusts blowing down from Mt. Greylock.  Normally, it's not too big of an issue, outside of finding the lid to my garbage can all over the street.  However, one member of my household absolutely hates the wind.  My dog.

I have two golden retrievers.  I absolutely love the breed (and my dogs), but they can be a little...quirky.  I'm not sure exactly how or when it happened, but the oldest one is scared of the wind.  How scared?  She gets so freaked out by moderate to strong winds that when I let her outside, if she hears the wind and sees the trees blowing, she nopes it right back indoors.  If it's a windy night, she cries unless we let her sleep in our bedroom, which calms her down.

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I did a quick Google search, and "wind" is not something dogs are generally afraid of.  Common phobias and fears are loud noises, other dogs, being left alone, strangers, and even stairs.  I thought for a moment that maybe the wind was making loud noises she's scared of, but then I remember she can be outside on the 4th of July with no problems.  She even looks at the fireworks in the sky.

Of course, my wife and I have tried our best to make her not scared of the wind.  We use something called a thunder jacket on her, which calms her down when it gets too windy for her.  If your dog has anxieties, I'd recommend looking into it, or ask your vet about it.

So, how about you?  Do have a dog?  If so, are they scared of anything out of the ordinary like my dog?  Do you have tricks to make him/her feel better?  Leave a comment, and I'll read some of the answers on-air :)

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