Nowadays on television, we see many paranormal groups touring haunted locations, attempting to capture spirits on video. Heck, even the Ghost Adventures team featured Berkshire County's Houghton Mansion in North Adams as well as parts of the Hoosac Tunnel on of the show's early episodes. Without a doubt, paranormal investigation groups have become mainstream over the last 20 years or so. A grassroots paranormal group entitled SpiritChasers K.R. has been traveling around Berkshire County for the past several months filming local haunted locations, primarily cemeteries.

For what seems to be a small group, the team is able to capture E.V.P.s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) on a voice recorder. So, unless there is post-editing trickery taking place, you can hear legitimate voices on the group's videos as clear as day. The team does put a spooky sound effect throughout the videos but it seems like that is more for branding purposes. As with anything that involves the paranormal, it's up to you to decide whether what you're hearing/seeing is real.

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One of the videos the group published was from this past December as they toured Hillside Cemetary on West Main Street in North Adams. One unique aspect of the cemetery is the fact that it is divided by Route 2. So, you actually have to cross the road in order to tour the entire cemetery. In this video, the two gentlemen, Bill and Pete, capture a multitude of E.V.P.s including words and names of the following:

  • Mason
  • Vincent
  • don't provoke us
  • tired
  • name
  • find
  • is
  • yes
  • Are you recording?
  • be fearful
  • never

You can even hear some words that Pete and Bill didn't comment on so it's possible they missed them. Whether you're a believer or not, this is a pretty cool video and it's worth a view.

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