You've most likely heard of someone having their bank account information stolen through what's called a credit card skimmer, or maybe you've been unlucky enough to experience this yourself. The skimmer a small device that can be placed inside the 'cabinet' or casing of the plastic device in which you insert your credit card at things like a gas pump or ATM machine.

According to, just over 15% of people nationwide had had their information stolen this way, but experts say there are a few easy steps you can take to keep your card safe.

According to CBS6, although nothing is fool proof, you have a really good shot at detecting the most common kinds of skimmers, just by turning the Bluetooth on your cell phone on when you're standing at the pump (or ATM vestibule).  If your phone tries to connect to an unknown device, there's a good chance there's a skimming device nearby.

Experts also say good commonsense can help keep you safe. If the sticker over the cabinets of a pump seems damaged, or the card reader itself appears to be lose or not sealed properly, you might want to use a different pump. Research has shown that the most commonly bugged pumps are those out of the eye shot of a cashier or other employees.  Most stations are also happy to let you use your card to pay the card reader in the store, which is in plain sight.  Of course the one fail safe method to keep yourself safe at the pumps? Use cash.

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