I normally start my day with an iced coffee. Medium. Cream only. Just one, I'm not a three pots of coffee kind of guy. But, I often wondered if how you take your coffee says anything about your personality.

Light and Sweet: I have witnessed people ordering seven and seven...like seven creams, seven sugars. Not judging, but this SEEMS wildly unhealthy. However, I tend to notice that folks who like their coffee light and sweet seem to echo the same personality...sweet, caring, and selfless.

Black: No cream, no sugar. I took my coffee black for awhile, but it's just too intense, too much caffeine. I'm neurotic enough for that much caffeine. What I've noticed is that STRONG personality/tough folks like their coffee black.

Cream or Milk, No Sugar: With all the negativity surrounding sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, this is how I prefer to enjoy my coffee. Plus, I just don't love sweets. I find funny and generally cool people take their coffee this way.

Black with Sugar: This is a RARITY. I need more observation of these folks...

Bulletproof: You know, the Keto man's coffee. Butter and/or MCT oil added to coffee by means of blending or whipping. So, the healthy people's way to take coffee!


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