On Monday June 11, the world found out that IHOP is temporarily going as IHOb, in a re-branding effort to increase burger sales. Yes, IHOP has burgers, too.

This trending story became the topic of much on air discussion with Slater and Marjo over the last few days concerning the history of the now vacant "A" shaped building on Cheshire Rd. in Pittsfield across from the Allendale Shopping Center.

The building, if painted the signature blue and white IHOP colors, looks JUST LIKE a former location of the breakfast giant. But WAS it?

After many failed searches online, mixed Live 95.9 listener accounts, and similar  facebook interaction, I was UNABLE to CONFIRM that there was an International House of Pancakes, (IHOP), in the city of Pittsfield, until now.

With a little help from newspapers.com, I was able to view an article written in the Berkshire Eagle from July 17, 1963, about 3 DJs from WBEC (our radio station!) and their pancake eating contest at, you guessed it, The International House of Pancakes on Cheshire Rd. in Pittsfield!

I cannot confirm, however, if the "A" shaped (triangular) building was THE location, or it was adjacent to it.


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