Massachusetts is a wonderful place to live. From the bustling metropolis of Boston, the picturesque beaches of Cape Cod the lush, green mountains of The Berkshires, there truly is something for everyone.

Massachusetts is also known for some amazing and delicious foods even in the most rural parts of the state. The Berkshires in western Massachusetts have some hidden culinary gems that rival five-star restaurants in any city, but the difference is many of these eateries offer farm-to-table meals from farms that are just a few miles away.

Living in the most rural portion of Massachusetts definitely has its advantages. Besides the lower cost of living and easier work commutes, abundant access to delicious, farm-fresh meat, produce, and more is quite the bonus.

Massachusetts is home to 227 different farmer's markets with Berkshire County hosting 17 markets between seasonal and year-round operations. From flowers to cheese, vegetables, and proteins Massachusetts residents can buy a myriad of products at their local farmer's markets, but there is one thing that you will find at any of them. At least not yet.

It's Against the Law to Sell Unpasteurized, Raw Milk at Massachusetts Farmers Markets.

Currently, Massachusetts dairy farmers can only sell raw milk on their farms, and cannot bring it to farmer's markets or do home delivery. In addition, in order to sell raw milk on their properties, dairy farmers must also carry a Certificate of Registration from the state.

Currently, the Northeast Organic Farming Association is pushing legislation that will allow raw milk to be sold at markets. The group highlights the fact that raw milk not only tastes better but has numerous health benefits including higher levels of calcium, amino acids, and vitamins than its pasteurized counterpart. However, some health officials still feel the product warrants a health warning.

The Food and Drug Administration's official statement reads as follows: "Raw milk can contain a variety of disease-causing pathogens, as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. These studies, along with numerous foodborne outbreaks, clearly demonstrate the risk associated with drinking raw milk"

Currently, there are only 11 states where you can legally buy and sell raw milk at any location. Arizona, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington.

Will Raw Milk Ever Be Allowed to Be Sold in Massachusetts?

Outside of its availability at the small number of licensed dairies in Massachusetts, there is a bill on the desk of the state house in this current session, pushed through my Sen. Anne Gobi of Spencer.

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