Sgt. Marc Maddalena from the Pittsfield Police Department was nice enough to join "Slater and Marjo" on Thursday morning to talk about speeding in the city. I polled the 95.9 listeners on what streets they think people speed on the most.

The Poll Results:

5. Valentine Rd.

4. Cheshire Rd.

3. Holmes Rd.

2. Williams St.

1. Dalton Ave.

Do Police Officers Really Like To Write Tickets?

Police Officer Writing Ticket

According to Maddalena, no. Law enforcement officers really just want you to be conscious of your speed, slow down when you are driving too fast, and most importantly, to DRIVE SAFELY. He was also saying that sometimes people can "talk themselves into a ticket" by not being honest or vocally sorry for breaking the law.

Maddalena also went on to tell the 95.9 listeners WHERE he'd be hiding out on Thursday to catch speeders!

What About People Who Flash Their Headlights To Warn Others Of Police, Is That Illegal In Massachusetts?

There is no Massachusetts law forbidding you to flash your headlights to warn others. In fact, I just did it the other day. It's sort of like paying it forward at the Dunkin' line. 😆

Like Maddalena was saying, the goal is to have drivers drive the speed limit, not to write citations.

You Know What Is Illegal, Though?


The Code of Massachusetts Regulations, Chapter 540, Section 22, "Failure to Dim," says you must flick off your high beams when you're within 500 feet of a car approaching in the opposite direction -- a considerable distance.

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