Summer is here and it's hot in Massachusetts. We're in middle of a tiny heat wave at the moment as temperatures are expected to reach near 90 on Thursday.

Our weekly interview with John Perrault from the Berkshire Humane Society focused on pet safety in this heat.

Heat stroke in pets can occur within 15 minutes. Some signs of heat stroke include excessive drooling, panting or heavy breathing, lethargy or uncoordinated, and vomiting.

Don't Ever Leave Your Pet In A Locked Car In The Heat

Massachusetts State Police
Massachusetts State Police

Walking Your Dog

Perrault suggested if you are to walk your dog in this hot weather, do it in the early morning hours if possible.

As we mentioned earlier on "Slater & Marjo" the temperature of asphalt is usually 10 degrees hotter than cement in reference to their paws.

Car Windows And The Law In Massachusetts

If one were to notice a dog or pet locked in a car on a hot day, it's not against the law to break a window to save the animal. There are some steps you have to take first, however.

In Massachusetts, it is completely legal to break a window if you see a pet left inside of a car on a hot day, as long as other measures are taken. Those include attempting to find the owner, calling the authorities, checking if there are any other reasonable ways to get inside the vehicle, and staying on the scene after the animal is rescued.

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