I guess with Halloween rapidly approaching this is not too weird of a question to ask, is it? Whether it is or it isn't, the question remains: If you were a vampire, would Massachusetts be a good place to live?

Well, I guess I technically can't use the term "live" can I? Vampires don't belong to the land of the living. They are the undead. Let's try this: Would Massachusetts be a good place to reside?

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Stay with me on this, folks. The reason I ask that question in the first place is that Lawn Love, the online platform that allows people to quickly get an online quote for local lawn services, recently did a very cool ranking of 2022's Best and Worst Cities for Vampires.

And it sounds like they had a lot of fun compiling their research. The Lawn Love team looked at all sorts of key metrics such as the number of people(vampire snacks!) in each city, the number of casket makers, blood centers and blood banks, nightlife, percentage of homes with basements(traditionally the vamp's fave place to catch up on some daytime sleep), and much more.

They even went to the opposite end of the spectrum and looked at metrics that would deter a vampire from wanting to spend time there such as the amount of yearly sunshine, the number of Christian churches, the number of garlic festivals and spice shops, and the number of werewolf clubs(the vamp's arch-enemy).

Interestingly, the land of witches, Massachusetts, only landed one city in the top 20 Best Cities for Vampires and of course, it was Boston. However, a city in Western Massachusetts made the list at #32 and that was Springfield. That's not bad out of 200 cities. Finally, Worcester, Massachusetts landed at #70.

New England as a whole was not really well-represented in the study, however, Providence, Rhode Island placed somewhat high at #59, and Bridgeport, Connecticut made the list at #80.

The top dog #1 Best City for Vampires? Probably not a surprise to most. The nightlife options along with the number of people(vamps need plenty of warm bodies) justify this one. New York City, according to the study, is #1. As a matter of fact, New York has several cities in the Top 100 including Syracuse(#38), Rochester(#44), Buffalo(#69), and Yonkers(#82).

Here's the list of the Top 10 Best Cities for Vampires:

  1. New York City
  2. Chicago
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Los Angeles
  5. San Francisco
  6. Pittsburgh
  7. Omaha, Nebraska
  8. Portland, Oregon
  9. Madison, Wisconsin
  10. Baltimore

By the way, out of the Top 10 Worst Cities for Vampires, 6 of them are located in Arizona, 2 of them are in Nevada, and the other 2 are in California. Think about it. Tons of sun, not many basements, and a scarcity of casket suppliers.

As I mentioned, it's a very cool study with plenty more to uncover. When you have a few minutes, check it for yourself. Go to Lawn Love's website here.

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