Dan Casey Memorial Drive in Pittsfield, otherwise known as "The Causeway", is the road that connects Peck's Rd and Churchill St., and sort of cuts right through Onota Lake.

Crime in that general area of Pittsfield seems to be pretty low; however, passersby may be suspicious of possible nefarious activity.

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Now, I know some of you may be reading this and going, "Yeah, it's been that way for years, what are you talking about?", or "It's just people fishing, or resting in their cars, leave it alone."

The causeway is on my run route, so I always see cars pulled off to the side. Some folks look like they're just resting peacefully, some people are openly drinking alcohol or smoking pot, and of course, some folks are fishing and enjoying the weather.

Now, this is certainly not a knock on anyone's choice of activity, but it just seems to me that this spot is notorious for some criminal activity. This is certainly not a knock on our law enforcement, either.

Just because I don't observe heavy police presence there, doesn't mean there isn't, or that is justified in the first place.

If you google, "Dan Casey Memorial Drive/Crime", not much comes up; however, I do remember this story...

Two city men began the new year being roused by police officers who found them asleep in a parked, running car Sunday on Dan Casey Memorial Drive — and allegedly in possession of an illegal handgun, cocaine, painkillers, ecstasy tablets and more than $5,000 in cash. -berkshireeagle.com



But all in all, I absolutely feel safe jogging down Dan Casey, how do you feel?



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