It's National Coffee Day... Woohoo!

There's nothing like the smell of coffee brewing to get you going in the morning. Nothing else really compares. And that first sip is usually close to the best thing you've ever tasted. Isn't it? It's true that coffee gives you that initial oomph in the morning, but if you are anything like me, then you drink coffee at various other times throughout your day. It's awesome for that mid-afternoon pickup or for evening relaxing in front of the tv or while reading a good book.

So, the question is inevitably... what is your go-to coffee? There are so many choices. Is it Dunkin' or Starbucks that does it for you? Maybe you prefer to get your java fix at a local diner or cafe? The amount of money that I have spent on coffee over the years has to be staggering. On the other hand, maybe you simply prefer to brew your own coffee. That's one way to go. By the way... many coffee chains are offering deals or even free coffee in honor of today being National Coffee Day!

Where you get your coffee is only the first part of the daily coffee experience. It's all about making choices really. I'll usually drink a hot coffee in the morning, but then I go with an iced coffee in the afternoon. In the evening, it's back to hot coffee. I'm willing to bet that some people always drink hot coffee and never drink iced coffee. Some could be the other way around. Dare I bring decaf into the equation? Ack!

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How about flavor? Are you a coffee purist? Some people don't go for all the fancy flavors that are available out there... vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, caramel, mocha... it's endless. There are of course, also seasonal flavors like pumpkin and gingerbread. I used to be a purist, but now I love the multitude of choices that are out there.

There is more to the coffee game than the traditional go-to's. I hesitate to bring up (insert brand name here) powdered coffee drinks, or (perish the thought) instant coffee! Yuck!

Anyway... you know what you like. Have a wonderful National Coffee Day!

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