Here in New England, we're used to hearing tales of alleged paranormal activity, unexplained instances, and other strange and unusual happenings.

Whether you believe in spirts or not, it's always entertaining and spooky to hear about supposedly haunted places, and the testimonies of those who have had creepy experiences there.

As one of the oldest regions in the country, we've got plenty of homes, businesses, graveyards, and other landmarks that have been around for centuries, and as such, have become the epicenter of many of these ghost stories. Many of our restaurants in particular are supposedly home to at least one curious spirit.

These restaurant ghosts are said to do all sorts of things. They might cause poltergeist activity (aka physical disturbances) such as objects moving or disappearing. There might be disembodied footsteps, voices, or other strange noises, as well as flickering lights and orbs. In some cases, you might even see a full-body apparition.

So what New England restaurants are known not just for their delicious eats, but ghostly guests? After asking our readers on Facebook, we were told of numerous places where you just might end up dining with a ghost upon walking through the doors. Let's look at some of these allegedly haunted restaurants in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Have you experienced anything unusual at these places? What locations are missing from the list?

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