It is being reported that Ezra Miller, Star of the Flash Movie, was upset about not getting an invite to a dinner party held by Monarch star Susan Sarandon. But is the media making a mountain over a molehill? Both stars live in Stamford Vermont Ezra Miller and Susan Sarandon have homes right down the street from each other.


It is said that Miller's Vermont farmhouse home contains an altar adorned with bullets, weed, sage, and Flash figurines.

Supposedly Ezra freaked out recently demanding that Susan Sarandon come to pay tribute to their altar because she didn't invite Ezra to the dinner party."

Miller's rep went on record and said, that Ezra and Sarandon "are dear friends" and Miller "would probably call this total bull---- if asked."

Neither Susan Sarandon nor her reps made any comments on the situation.

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On a happier note for the star of the Flash, he was said to have had a very positive meeting with the directors and producers of the Flash movies.

Back in the first part of this past August, we reported on Ezra Miller and his strange behavior and run-in with the law. Here is what was reported back in the early part of the summer.

Authorities found Miller, on Sunday at 11:23 p.m., the Justice League actor has been summoned to attend a court hearing in Vermont Superior Court Bennington Criminal Division on Sept. 26.

Before this Miller who has a home in Stamford, plead no contest to a disorderly conduct charge over two separate alleged incidents at a Hawaii karaoke bar in March. After they entered the plea via Zoom, the judge ended up sentencing him with a $500 fine.

Ezra seemed to be on his way in Hollywood, starting out in indie films and breaking onto the big screen with his character Who was loved by all in "The perks of being a wallflower".and also in the series of movies The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

At this point, he will still be Flash in the movie coming out in 2023. The Flash Movie will probably be his last with Warner Bros. Discovery the arrest in Vermont comes days after Warner Bros.

Discovery CEO Zaslav praised the ‘Flash’ but it is now coming to a point where movie People in the business are not wanting to deal with Ezra's erratic nature.

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