It will be here before you know it, Christmas In The Berkshires. Every year there is a search for a beautiful Christmas tree to adorn Park Square in Pittsfield and also it could be two Christmas trees in the downtown area of North Adams.

In Pittsfield, they have started the search.

Maybe you have a tree that would be perfect for donating and serving as Pittsfield’s official holiday tree at Park Square. The city of Pittsfield’s Department of Community Development Recreation Program would like to hear from you.

They are looking for a minimum height of approximately 30 feet, superior shape, ease of access to the tree for cutting, adequate room to fall the tree safely, and ease of transporting the tree.

Cutting and setting up the tree at Park Square will be scheduled shortly after a tree has been selected.

Interested parties should contact the wonderful Becky Manship, Pittsfield’s Recreation and Special Events Coordinator, no later than Nov. 4 at 413-499-9371 or via email

So what makes the perfect Christmas tree to adorn with thousands of lights? You may not have known how many different types there are.

The Balsam Fir. The balsam fir is an evergreen tree best known for its conical shape and dense, dark-green leaves that are flat and needle-like. One of my favorites!
Fraser Fir.
Canaan Fir.
Douglas Fir.
Grand Fir.
Noble Fir.
Concolor Fir.

White Pine.
Scotch Pine.
Virginia Pine.

Blue Spruce. This one is also a favorite of mine!
Norway Spruce.
White Spruce.
Arizona Cypress. Reminds me of a bush.
Leyland Cypress.
Wrapping up the list is Red Cedar.

If you want to continue or make a new tradition there are plenty of places nearby where you can cut your own tree.

Folks who have visited these Christmas Tree Farms voted these as the top ten places to get a Christmas tree

1. Ioka Valley Farm
2. Pleasant Valley Tree Farm
3. Chestnut Mountain Christmas Tree Farm
4. Emerson Family Christmas Tree Farm - Temp. CLOSED
5. Bailey Family Christmas Trees
6. Holland Hill Christmas Tree Farm
7. Silver Bell Farm
8. Kenburn Orchards
9. Sausville’s Christmas Trees
10. Kuzmich Christmas Tree Farm

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