Have you ever told your kids you ate all their Halloween candy, come on fess up I know some parents out there have tried it!

How many parents really do eat their children's Halloween candy? Eighty-six percent of parents steal candy from their children's Halloween haul, but only 73% will fess up that they ate it. The research was done by none other than Crest, yes the Crest, which is into flossing and brushing your teeth with their products.

A study examining America's Halloween candy-eating habits found many sly parents won't think twice about stealing treats from their own kids when their wee ones aren't looking or have gone to bed.

For adults and children alike, milk chocolate is the favorite sweet. The other top treats include dark chocolate, chocolate with nuts, white chocolate, and gummy candy, showing a difference in age doesn’t mean a difference in taste.

So, Jimmy Kimmel, every year does this great bit on his show on Halloween, by asking parents to tell their kids they at their Halloween candy.

Jimmy Started this over ten years ago and it has been going strong every Halloween since, even during the pandemic.
We are starting this off with Jimmy Himself with his daughter.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

By the way, they did not solicit for parents to do it during the pandemic, but parents must have missed it a lot because they sent them into the show, even though no one asked them to do it.

And I have to say their reactions are priceless.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

It's all about the veggies with this kid!

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

Kids can show you their mean side when it comes to their candy!

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

Happy Halloween!

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