Anytime I plan on attending a concert or a sporting event, I usually walk in the faciality almost empty handed with the exception of my cellphone, wallet, and car keys.

If you plan on going to the TD Garden in Boston anytime soon for an event, you might want to consider leaving your carry-on bag in the car and only take "pocket fit" items into the facility.

Keep reading to learn the new bag policy effective as of Monday February 19th, 2024.

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According WWLP22News, The TD Garden has implemented a new bag policy that no longer allows any bag larger than 6 inches by 4 inches by 1.5 inches to be allowed in the facility with the exception of diaper bags and medical purposes. If you accidently bring a bag in that exceeds the size listed above, a mobile locker will be available for use at Legends Way for a fee two hours before the event and will close 90 minutes after the event.

What's the reason for the new bag policy?

As time marches on and technology always changing, the building is moving forward in replacing the old traditional metal detectors with new AI-base technology known as "Evolv." Ticket holders will be required to remove their cellphones from their pockets to have their tickets scanned as they walk through.

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What are the benefits of this new bag policy?

Despite some disagreement with the new bag policy, the plus side is this will increase security but will also reduce the need of waiting in long lines when entering the TD Garden. More details on the new bag policy can be found on the TD Garden's website.

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