With over 3,000 lakes in the Baystate, there's just one particular lake that's just absolutely beautiful.


Google Maps/Google Street View
Google Maps/Google Street View

Lake Onota which is referred to as Onota Lake (pronounced uh-know-tuh) is a 617-acre lake located here in Massachusetts entirely within the City of Pittsfield, and is is owned and managed by the City of Pittsfield along with the Lake Onota Preservation Association on developing and carrying out management plans for the lake.

According to their website like many area lakes, Onota Lake is however threatened, but these problems are not unusual, atypical or severe, as they do require attention anyways like other lakes.

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The 6,345 acres in area Onota Lake is home to anglers, bathers, water skiers, sailors, and even the Live On The Lake Community Concert Series in July & August on the shore as the lake is in very good condition with a transparency of about 17 feet. Maximum depth is 66 feet; average depth is around 22 feet.

The outlet of Onota Lake, Onota Brook, flows southeast entering the West Branch of the Housatonic River, in Pittsfield.

Jesse Stewart/Townsquare Media
Jesse Stewart/Townsquare Media

So if you're looking for something to do this summer in the Berkshires, why not make Onota Lake your bucket list?

There is a double, concrete boat ramp and parking lot located on the southeast shore about 1/3 of the way from the southern end. To get there, take Lakeway Drive to Burbank Park from Valentine Drive (GPS recommended). The ramp is suitable for almost any class trailered boat, and there is adequate parking for 75 vehicles. There is also a cement fishing pier located in one of the better fishing areas.

Just a reminder that the Live On The Lake Concert Series is held every Wednesday evening in July & August from 6-8.p.m. on the beautiful shores as parking maybe limited on those days and entering through Lakeway Drive will be restricted to handicapped concert goers.

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