Anytime I plan on attending a concert or a sporting event, I usually walk in the faciality almost empty handed with the exception of my cellphone, wallet, and car keys.

Last month we learned TD Garden implemented a new bag policy which sparked lots of backlash on social media according to


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The TD Garden bag policy no longer allows any bag larger than 6 inches by 4 inches by 1.5 inches to be allowed in the facility with the exception of diaper bags and medical purposes. If you accidently bring a bag in that exceeds the size listed above, a mobile locker will be available for use at Legends Way for a fee two hours before the event and will close 90 minutes after the event.

Here's what residents had to say about this new policy:

“Given the technology available now, this seems like overkill, If you need to screen someone because they have too much stuff, just screen them. Most people understand.” - Neil from Uxbridge


“There is a valid reason for such strict measures, People should be grateful they are being kept safe.” - Anna S.


“Being caught off guard with no warning is more the issue than the size of the bag.” - Laura M.

This new policy also has a big impact on Women, here's what residents said:

“A ‘bag’ with those dimensions won’t even hold my phone, let alone other things I would need to carry (including menstrual products, an inhaler, keys, etc.). And it’s not like women’s clothing contains enough functional pockets to carry these necessary items either. I get wanting to limit bag size, but those dimensions are ridiculous.” - Anonymous Resident


“This policy penalizes women for carrying in personal items that can’t be put into the teeny tiny pockets that clothing companies put into women’s clothes (if they include any pockets at all).” - Monica E., from Wakefield


“Clear bags should be allowed. Women do not have pants pockets, either at all of big enough to hold a phone, keys/fob, credit card and feminine hygiene products. $15 to hold a bag is a scam. Some venues have size limits unless the bag is clear.” - Stephanie, from Braintree


“People who make bag policies should be forced to explain to a teenage girl how she can discreetly carry tampons, panty liners, inhaler, and epipen along with keys, money, cell phone, chapstick. Also, have you seen girls’ clothes? None of the pockets are big enough for any of this, let alone all of it. Clearly the policymakers are middle-aged men with ZERO health problems, moms, sisters, daughters etc.” - CC, from Lowell

This new policy also affects those that bring medications, here's what residents stated:

“My son has the need to carry emergency medicine that could fit in the requested bag – but nothing else would! The medicine doesn’t come in its own bag, so we’re not permitted a larger bag. How can I choose between his seizure medication and my phone/wallet when only one of these fits? Should he, a 5 year old, be responsible for his own bag and emergency medicine so I can have a second for our other essentials? This is the same choice forced on anyone with similarly sized medication like an epi-pen. Ridiculous.” - Jess, from Melrose


“As a female, disabled woman who usually has to take medication during these events: this is horrifying. In a bag that small, how am I supposed to pack an Always pad, 2,000mg of seizure medications and a large screen phone used for adaptability? What if I need to have my sublingual medication with me as well? Am I supposed to use the next-to-non-existent pockets in my jeans? We haven’t even gotten to debit cards, cash, or IDs.” - Elizabeth, from Worcester


“What about kids or adults that need to bring medications to take? You want to require everyone to announce medical issues or check tampons or medication into a locker, which I have to leave my seat and go to a dark place before going to the bathroom? So you want no women, no people with medical needs and no kids who parents have to bring things for. Really, TD, discriminate much?” - CM, from Georgetown


“My kiddos need inhalers with a chamber and both DO NOT FIT!!! I agree with a comment stating you can bring a carry-on to your airplane but a SIMPLE belt bag/fanny pack is too large? And $15?! This is disgraceful. I work at Gillette and their bag policy allows a clear belt bag that fits our needs…#whatthebeep!” - Sally, from Wrentham

Some say it's just for extra cash in the TD Garden's pockets according to these residents:

“It disproportionately effects women and extorts $15 from them. People are already paying WAY TOO MUCH just to enter the door for events (for example, my family of three would have had to pay no less than $375 for nose bleed seats at Monday’s B’s game) and I don’t see any reasonable rationale for this extreme restriction other than extorting money from fans.” - Brianna S., from Newburyport


“It is bad enough that the ticket prices just to get into see most Garden events are outrageous. Add parking fees and now this? I see this as one more way for TD Garden to make money, especially if you are charging $15.00 for a locker.” I also see this policy as totally against women  the majority of the population that carry purses and totes into the Garden. Very sexist.” - Colleen M., Marlborough


“Money grab, lazy and pointless policy with the tech they have already.” - Owen K., from Lowell


“This seems like a convenient and obvious money grab: Arbitrarily make bag sizes so small so as to essentially require most attendees to pay an extra $15 for the luxury of renting a locker, when the ticket prices are already high enough. My wife has a very small crossbody bag which barely can hold a phone and that is now too big. This seems like an easy way to profit off the ticket-paying public, by nickel-and-diming them because they have more than a de minimis size bag. The mobile lockers should be free or have a minimal rental fee, if this is truly being done to protect the public.” - Brandon, from Boston

So, what's the reason for the new bag policy?

As time marches on and technology always changing, the building is moving forward in replacing the old traditional metal detectors with new AI-base technology known as "Evolv." Ticket holders will be required to remove their cellphones from their pockets to have their tickets scanned as they walk through.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What are the benefits of this new bag policy?

Despite some disagreement with the new bag policy, the plus side this will increase security but will also reduce the need of waiting in long lines when entering the TD Garden. More details on the new bag policy can be found on the TD Garden's website.

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