Makeup influencer Jaclyn Hill announced that her ex-husband Jon Hill died at the age of 33. He was prominently featured in videos on her YouTube channel before their split in addition to his music career under the name The Jon Hill Project.

On Friday (Aug. 12), the beauty expert wrote on an Instagram Story, "The Hill family request privacy during this overtly difficult time." The next Story featured a photo of Jon alongside a message from his family.

"It is with profound remorse and sorrow that we must report that our beloved Andrew Jonathan Hill passed away on August 10, 2022," the note began. "We are all devastated by the sudden tragedy. The Hill family requests privacy during this overtly difficult time. VR, Hill Family."

Two months before his passing, Jaclyn updated her followers about Jon and that she didn't want to share too much information out of respect for him and his family. However, she noted that he "has not been doing well for a very long time. He hasn’t had a phone in months & no one has contact with him."

The former couple were married between 2009 through 2018. Both parties cited drug abuse as one of the factors in their divorce. In May 2018, Jaclyn uploaded a video concerning their divorce and how hard the separation was on both of them.

"As a friend, like we work so well," she shared. "But as husband and wife and as partners in life, it's just - it's not there. It does not work. Sometimes you have to let people go, no matter how much you love them, or no matter how much you're just like addicted to them, or how comfortable they are, you know. It's like sometimes you have to love yourself enough to let that go, even if it means you cry yourself to sleep for six months or a year."

In January 2019, Jon shared his struggles with addiction in an interview with Billboard.

"During our third year of marriage, it got to a point where I was having seizures because I was on so much stuff," he revealed. "I started breaking out in hives. So it became noticeable that something was wrong. I had a terrible moment where I started taking Suboxone, which is what they give to heroin addicts. I took that too early — because there was so much other stuff in my system — and I went through this insanely precipitated withdrawal period by myself in the house. I tried calling 911 but I couldn’t. My brain just didn’t work. So that’s when I first went to rehab [in 2017], and [Jaclyn] thought everything was fine when I got back home. I thought I was doing it for her but halfway through, I thought “No dude, you’re doing this for yourself."

Although he went to rehab and got clean, he claimed that Jaclyn didn't want to be with him any longer.

"For some reason, I was thinking about how amazing it would be to enjoy Christmas with her while being clean," he continued. "She often said, 'You don’t love me because you never want to do things with me.' But it was because I kept having to hide [my addiction] from her all the time. So when I knew there was nothing to hide, I had everything to offer her. My selfishness was gone."

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