Governor Charlie Baker's plans for middle-income residents to receive a $250 check from the state of Massachusetts recently fell apart in Boston, but taxpayers are in for another reprieve thanks to a statute that was implemented back in 1986 which mandates that any money collected in state income tax reaches a pre-determined dollar amount that falls within the state budget parameters.

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This will result in tax credits that will be sent out to Bay State taxpayers around September 21st as other tax breaks are on the horizon including a raise of the child care credit to $180 and the rental deduction cap will go up from $3,000 to $4,000 as lawmakers well calculated these options to add some more money to state residents which will ease their financial woes. Remember: every little bit helps and this is truly a positive during these tough economic times.


Thanks to this measure, anyone who paid income tax last year will be eligible from the rebate will receive up to $250, however those with an outstanding tax bill could not see a check in their immediate future

State Secretary of Administration and Finance, Michael Heffernan recently spoke on WBZ Radio in Boston as he wants this measure to get the green light:

"We're looking at what's the quickest and most efficient way to get this money back to Massachusetts taxpayers"

House Speaker Ron Mariano was asked by WGBH if this option is legitimate:

"We wanted to make sure to be fiscally prudent that we know what we are getting into. the economy is going through some strange things with a big inflation rate plus oil and gas fluctuations that may lead to a recession."

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