Part of the joy of summer is keeping your property looking neat and clean. Sure it takes time and effort but having your yard looking great goes hand in hand with the neighborhood parties, 4th of July celebrations, and time spent hanging out on the deck and/or patio.

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One thing that can make your yard work efforts a bit more difficult is nature's pests. Whether it's deer messing up your garden, bears knocking down bird feeders, or chipmunks burrowing holes in your lawn, it can be frustrating battling these pests in order to keep your yard looking glorious.

Massachusetts Residents Should Brace Themselves for a Destructive Pest Arriving Soon

There's another pest that is about to become active in Massachusetts if it hasn't already and that is the Japanese beetle. This pest usually emerges from the ground in late June/early July and is active through August and in some cases September. These insects will keep you on your toes when it comes to keeping up a healthy-looking yard.

What Type of Damage Can Japanese Beetles Cause to Your Massachusetts Yard?

According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, there are different types of damage that Japanese beetles can cause. Here's what the site states.

Adult Japanese beetles damage leaves, foliage and flowers by feeding on them with their chewing mouthparts. Leaves are skeletonized, creating a lace-like network of holes, resulting in browning and premature leaf drop. Flowers and fruits become unsightly and unmarketable. However, most adult Japanese beetle damage tends to only be aesthetic. Typically, their feeding does not harm the overall health of the plant, if the host plant is otherwise healthy. Larvae, on the other hand, feed on the rootlets of grass and stop the roots from being able to take up water and nutrients. This results in turf discoloration, the ability to pull grass out of the soil easily, and, in severe infestations, death of large patches of the grass.


No matter where you live, Boston, Worcester, Springfield, etc., you're yard isn't safe from these pests. There are commercial products available to control and prevent Japanese beetles from damaging your yard and plants but some of these products could injure surrounding plants. You can read about the management and monitoring of Japanese beetles by going here.

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