With Super Bowl 52 weekend right around the corner, Jeopardy decided to keep it timely and topical, with a football category during the shows Double Jeopardy round Thursday night. It went over about as well as you'd think.

Of course, I immediately thought of my partner in crime, Bryan Slater, co-host of Slater & Marjo in the Morning, who is fresh off a winless week of Slater Bowl 2018, a fan favorite football trivia contest. For me the best part of watching the viral clip this morning, was due to a previous Facebook post Slater had made that night, I KNEW he watched that particular episode. It really couldn't have be written any better.

So of course the question presented itself, who would be more embarrassed by their lack of football knowledge? Slater (who actually knows more than we give him credit for) or the nerds on Jeopardy? I'm allowed to call them nerds, because I proudly come from a family of nerds, enjoy nerds, and am generally pretty nerdy myself. Check out the clip and decide for yourself.

Just for the record, Slater said "I thought would have gotten two correct" (meaning he got none)

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