Jim's House of Shoes at 235-239 North St. is perhaps the oldest retail business in Pittsfield, but not for much longer according to owner Marc Abecassis. Their "everything must go" liquidation sale is happening now.

Abecassis, who has been the sole owner since 2004, spent some time with Slater on Tuesday morning going over the history of the 73 year-old business.

Pictured above is store manager Mary Lunsford who has been with Jim's since 1976.

Irving Shulman opened "Jim's Workingman's Store", (named after his infant son at the time) on Woodlawn Ave. in 1946. The store catered to the G.E. worker of that era.

Eventually, Jim's moved to Tyler St. in 1957, and then to North St. in 1967 (current Beacon Theater building), and then to its current location at 235-239 North St. in 1977.

Jim's also operated a store in the Berkshire Mall between 1988 and 2001.

Abecassis, 70, recently became a grandfather and wants to retire. "I can't complain, we had a good run", said Abecassis who wants to spend more time with his family. He also enjoys ballroom dancing as a hobby.