Justin Bieber is taking a break from touring. The singer has officially canceled his previously postponed tour.

The news comes after the "Ghost" singer revealed his Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis in June, when he experienced temporary partial facial paralysis.

Luckily, he recovered quickly and was able to resume his tour dates across Europe and at Brazil's Rock in Rio concert.

However, Bieber revealed the dates "took a real toll" on him in a note posted to his Instagram Story and official Bieber Fever fan club pages.

"I went to Europe in an effort to continue with the tour ... I gave everything I have to the people in Brazil," he continued, revealing "exhaustion overtook" him post-show.

"I realized that I need to make my health the priority right now. So I'm going to take a break from touring for the time being," he continued.

Bieber assured fans he will "be ok" and needs "time to rest and get better."

On social media, fans are heartbroken but understanding, after experiencing previous postponements due to COVID. As one fan pointed out, "Justin’s like my piggy bank. I give him my money to look after for a while then I get it back."

One of Bieber's longtime dancers, Mona Berntsen, seemingly confirmed the cancellation news on Instagram with a farewell tribute to the Justice Tour.

"Personally, this is also naturally sad news as I had prepared for and looked forward to another year of touring with this amazing team," she wrote. "Nothing is more important than mental and physical health. I am proud of Justin, respect his tough decision and choice and wish him nothing but love, good health and prosperity in the future."

This isn't the first time the "Baby" superstar has had to cancel shows. In 2017, he canceled the last leg of North American tour dates due to mental health.

Plus, Bieber has faced other health challenges such as Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr, while his wife Hailey Bieber had a health scare in early 2022 that resulted in stroke-like symptoms.

Although live music is back in full force after months of postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it hasn't been easy, with multiple artists canceling and fans facing high ticket prices and new safety rules.

The cancellation confirms touring takes a large toll on musicians, and although frustrating, it's important for artists to set an example by taking care of their mental and physical well-being.

Read Bieber's full announcement, below:

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