Kelly Clarkson boldly contends in the first single off of forthcoming LP Meaning of Life: "Love so soft, you ain't had nothing softer."

And where the song's brand new Ryan Riback remix is considered, you ain't had nothing slicker, either.

The second take on "Love So Soft," which PopCrush is premiering above, trades the track's original production — a groovy, thick composite of horns, bass and background harmonies worthy of sermons — for progressions that'll send you straight to the dancefloor. It's EDM-gone-soul, in which each breakdown is likely to draw a well-deserved Amen.

Riback, who most famously made Starley's "Call on Me" a massive hit, told PopCrush he was thrilled to take "Love So Soft" for a spin, and that Clarkson's talent has been a huge inspiration.

"When I heard Kelly's team wanted me to do a remix, I was totally excited as Kelly's voice has been permeating my eardrums for years," he said. "Then, when I finally got to hear the original song, I thought 'Woah! This is cool and different for her.' I really dig the soul sound."

Riback added that it "took a few tries" to land the vibe he sought, but once it hit, it hit hard.

"I actually blew myself away," he said. "This is totally different from everything I've done previously, and I'm really proud of the result."

Take a listen to "Love So Soft"-the-remix above (it's available for download on October 6), check out Clarkson's full Meaning of Life track list below and be sure to get your hands on her newest album when it drops on October 27!

  1. A Minute (Intro)
  2. Love So Soft
  3. Heat
  4. Meaning of Life
  5. Move You
  6. Whole Lotta Woman
  7. Medicine
  8. Cruel
  9. Didn’t I
  10. Would You Call That Love
  11. I Don’t Think About You
  12. Slow Dance
  13. Don’t You Pretend
  14. Go High

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