One of the men responsible for robbing Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in 2016 appears to feel no remorse for his involvement in the crime.

Sixteen people were arrested in 2017 for their suspected involvement in the crime. BuzzFeed News notes 12 people were ultimately charged. They were dubbed "the grandpa robbers" due to the fact that they were all elderly, according to Vice News.

One of the men — 67-year-old Yunis Abbas — was recently interviewed by Vice for a feature about how robbers use social media to track their victims, which is how they were able to target Kardashian.

During the conversation Abbas said he did not feel guilty for robbing the star.

“I saw one of her shows where she threw her diamond in the pool, in that episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I thought, 'She’s got a lot of money. This lady doesn’t care at all,'" he said, likely referring to the time Kardashian lost an expensive diamond earring in the ocean during a trip to Bora Bora.

“Since she was throwing money away, I was there to collect it and that was that," he added. "Guilty? No, I don’t care. I don’t care.”

Abbas acknowledged that Kardashian was likely "traumatized" by the crime. "You don't come out of it unscathed," he said.

While recounting the story, he added that Kardashian's secretary called 911 instead of alerting Parisian police to the crime, which enabled them to get away. The criminal was implicated via DNA evidence on the scene. He served 22 months in prison before being released, according to BuzzFeed News.

The robber also implied that celebrities provoke such crimes by posting content on social media.

"They should be a little less showy toward people who can’t afford it. For some people, it’s provocative," he said.

The reality TV star was robbed in her Paris hotel while in the city for fashion week back in 2016. The thieves got away with millions of dollars in jewelry, including Kardashian's engagement ring.

While recounting the experience during an interview, she said she was afraid of being sexually assaulted during the crime. Reports at the time suggested that she was traumatized by the incident.

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