Massachusetts is home to a variety of fast-food chains. If you're in a pinch and you need to get food on the go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner you're in luck as places like Dunkin', McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's for example can fulfill your fast-food needs and/or cravings.

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Speaking of fast-food chains, Eat This, Not That! released a list of the top 50 fast-food chains in America in 2024. The chains were ranked based on popularity by internet polling firm YouGov. The article stated that according to YouGov, a chain's popularity is determined by the percentage of consumers that have a positive association with the brand. The list focuses only on fast-food chains across America. The typical fast-food chains that you would expect are represented but YouGov also counted pizza and ice cream chains.

The Least Popular Fast-Food Chain in 2024 Has Only 4 Locations in Massachusetts

Coming in dead last at #50 is Carvel. Normally when I think of Carvel I think of the delicious ice cream cakes that you can buy at the supermarket but Carvel does have fast-food locations where you can purchase cakes, ice cream, sundaes, shakes, and more.

If you want to visit a Carvel location in Massachusetts you have some pretty slim pickings as there are only 4 to choose from in the entire state. The locations include Boston, Wrentham, and Natick (Natick has 2 locations) according to Carvel's website.

Here are the exact addresses for each of the Carvel locations in Massachusetts

  • Boston - 2 South Station (617) 330-9799
  • Wrentham - 1 Premium Outlet BLVD (508) 384-2834
  • Natick - Both Natick locations are in the Natick Mall (1st floor and 2nd floor) - 1245 Worcester Street. Both locations have the same phone number (508) 650-0940

The list is quite fun and there are some surprises on there as well. You can check out the list here and see if you agree with the fast-food chain that came in at #1.

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