Summer is in full swing in the Berkshires. Residents have been out enjoying nature, touring area attractions and finding ways to stay cool. There's no doubt that we have our fair share of visitors and second homeowners enjoying and exploring the Berkshires as well. Fourth of July is coming up this weekend and the summer fun activities and traditions will continue.

One aspect of summer that is in full bloom as well are the sightings of wildlife in beautiful Berkshire County. Residents continue to snap video & pics and share them with the Berkshire community on social media.

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As we build our collection of Berkshire animal video posts and they're have been plenty of them featuring Berkshire bears, baby racoons, snapping turtles, playful goats even a moose, we now add an adorable video of a doe with her two fawns playing in the backyard of a Berkshire residence. The video was originally posted in The Berkshires Facebook group. Check it out below:

Members of the group had some things to say as they chimed in over this beautiful sight.

Here are some the comments from the group's members:

- Oh how I love this! Thank you for sharing

- Just Beautiful ❣️

- Wonderful!

- We had some in our yard a few days ago too! ❤️

- Beautiful. I love watching the wildlife. How can any human harm beautiful animals?

- Such a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing with us

- How special is that? What a way to start your day

- Absolutely precious!

- So cute

- Sweet

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