No matter what the holiday is my wife and I regularly include Bob Evans mashed potatoes as one of our side dishes. They are smooth, delicious and are one of the healthier pre-packaged mashed potatoes options.

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Massachusetts Shoppers Who Have The Mashed Potatoes at Home Should Take Note

If you are like me and buy Bob Evans mashed potatoes regularly you should know that the brand's mashed potatoes have recently been recalled due to some of the items having red plastic in the food product. This of course is a choking hazard. Food Safety News reports the affected products were distributed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin.

Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, the Berkshires, or anywhere in Massachusetts and have purchased this item make sure to check the information below against your item to confirm it's safe to eat.

Product Details

  • Bob Evan’s Original Mash Potato 2lbs (32 oz)
  • Packaged in black plastic tray with clear film and corrugate sleeve overwrap.
  • 6 units per case
  • Product Quantity: 410 cases

Code Information:

  • Batch No. 2392939
  • Lot No KCL1 4-18-2024
  • Product No 10000534
  • UPC 75900005349
  • Packer No KCL1
  • Best By 4/18/24

My family will have Bob Evans at Easter dinner this Sunday so I better double-check all of the code information and product details or go out and buy another package to be safe. I don't need anybody choking on their meal at the dinner table this Sunday. By the way, you can get a full refund if you have the mashed potatoes in your home. Whatever you choose to do, just don't consume them.

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