Try to picture this scene in your mind. You're en route to somewhere, possibly your job, the airport, maybe just the grocery store and you're just trying to remain focused on reaching your destination. Your eyes look away from the road just for a split second, and you look back to the road, AND THERE'S A CAR COMING RIGHT AT YOU!

According to a media statement from the Massachusetts State Police(MSP), a car crash that occurred late Wednesday afternoon on the Mass Pike in the area of Blandford was the result of a driver traveling in the wrong direction.

The MSP reports at approximately 4:30 Wednesday afternoon they were notified of a driver traveling east on Route 90 westbound in the area of Blandford. When State Troopers arrived at the scene they found the wrong-way vehicle(a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan) had crashed head-on into a tow truck.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the impact of the crash sent the tow truck(traveling the right way) into the left lane, while the wrong-way Dodge went into the breakdown lane.

The wrong-way driver, Kayla Savery, 39, of Copake Falls, New York, was taken to Baystate Springfield for minor injuries. Savery had two juvenile passengers in the vehicle with her, one of whom was taken to Baystate with serious injuries.

The other juvenile was transported to Baystate for evaluation and the tow truck driver was uninjured. The circumstances(where and why the driver entered the wrong side of the highway) of the accident remain under investigation by several law enforcement agencies.

Savery was arrested at the hospital for numerous charges including child endangerment while operating under the influence, unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, and negligent operation on the Mass Pike. Bail was set at $1,000.

For the full story, visit the Mass State Police's news blog website here.

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