My step daughter Charlotte got a Stanley cup for Christmas this year. I had never heard of this brand of tumbler before, but she sure had judging from the level of her excitement. In actuality, she received three in total by the time the holidays were done.


You can drink out of a Stanley brand cup for as low as $15.00 (adventure stacking beer pint). They have tumblers, water bottles, mugs, bottles, vacuum bottles, barware, and much more.

The popularity of Stanley cups have skyrocketed in the past few months due to recent viral story. The brand as actually been around for quite some time.

The Stanley brand has been around for over 100 years but historically focused on working-class, outdoorsy types as customers. They have largely advertised their products as being for people who love camping and hiking or who work manual jobs such as construction workers.

The brand was revamped in 2016.

Stanley's Surge in Popularity

A video that garnered more than 92 million videos on social media of a woman's Stanley tumbler surviving a car fire with the ice still in it and everything caused a rush of customers at Target locations. You can also get the Stanley products at Walmart and online.

Some people confuse Stanley cups with the actual NHL prize.

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