The craziness that is the year of our Lord 2022 continues. The latest true crime story involves a woman in her twenties basically assaulting and robbing an elderly man confined to a wheelchair outside a bus station.

According to a Twitter post by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority(MBTA), the incident happened this past Monday, May 9, at approximately 1:30 p.m. outside the MBTA's Nubian Square Station in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.

25-year-old Malina Stacy, of Boston, is facing charges including unarmed robbery and assault and battery on an elderly person. According to the MBTA, Transit Police Officers on patrol at the Nubian Square Station came upon an 84-year-old man in a wheelchair who told them he had been violently attacked and robbed.

Stacy allegedly approached the elderly man and asked him for money. He denied her request saying he had none to give, at which point she reportedly struck him in the face and head with a closed fist.

She then allegedly removed cash from the victim's jacket pocket, took off into Nubian Square Station, and boarded an MBTA bus. And that's where Transit Officers found her a short while later after witnesses to the assault flagged down the officers for help.

According to the MBTA's blog, officers recovered the victim's money from Stacy, escorted her off the bus, and placed her into custody. Stacy was taken to Transit Police Department Headquarters for the booking process and the investigation remains ongoing.

For more info, check out the post on Twitter here.

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