One thing I've noticed about Massachusetts residents is they like to hold celebrations on their own property. What I mean by this is I have been to a number of weddings in Massachusetts over the years, where the celebration (both the ceremony and reception) has been on the property of the bride, groom, or one of their family members. To me, choosing this option makes sense. First of all many people may choose to get married on their own property for sentimental purposes. Second, if the property is anything like many other pieces of land in Massachusetts, there's a good chance that it's beautiful and one would one to capture the beauty in photos. Lastly, the cost of getting married on your own property in Massachusetts is cost-effective.

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From Weddings to Burials in Massachusetts

On the other side of things, one may want to bury a loved one on their own property. I could see where someone would want to do this as they may want to keep the deceased close to home. Perhaps being buried on the property was a wish of the individual who passed. One may want to bury a loved one on their property out of convenience. That person wouldn't have to drive to the cemetery every time he/she wants to add flowers/decorate the headstone. Plus, like with weddings, burying a loved one in your own yard is cost-effective. There certainly are advantages to having a loved one buried on your property. This poses the question...

Is it Legal in Massachusetts to Bury a Body in Your Yard? 

According to our friends at Townsquare Media station WIBX, there are only three states that outlaw home burial, even if you are the property owner. Those states are California, Indiana, and Washington. It's worth noting that if you plan on burying a body on your property, the first thing you should do is check with your town to find out if there are any specific laws within that town related to home burials. Once you get that information in place, you'll have a better sense if this is the avenue you want to take when it comes time to bury a loved one.

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