Massachusetts residents have been enjoying some mild weather lately. People have been outside walking, jogging, biking, and partaking in yard cleanup. It's been a real treat for Massachusetts folks since spring hasn't even begun. Usually, we would still be tucked indoors looking at the snow on the ground while trying to stay warm but that hasn't been the case this year.

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The Mild Massachusetts Weather Can Also Mean a Threat to Your Property and Belongings

Warmer temperatures mean early appearances by black bears and they could roam through your yard at any minute and turn things upside down to access food. According to black bears are commonly seen throughout Worcester County, northern Middlesex County, and west to the Berkshires.

Will Black Bears Attack Humans and Pets? 

Black bears typically won't go after humans or dogs although dogs could make them aggressive if they continuously bark at them. As previously mentioned, what bears want is food and they will damage your property and possessions to get to your food. Bears will knock down garbage cans, rip down birdfeeders, destroy grills, and open/break windows if they sense there's food nearby.

My Relatives Had Their Vehicle Destroyed By a Bear Trying to Access Food

A few years ago my in-laws who live in the Berkshires had food in their car and even though they brought the trash into their house a bear could smell the remains and broke into their car and destroyed it. Not to mention the bear defecated inside of the vehicle. The vehicle was considered totaled. You can check out the photos below.

Massachusetts Homeowners Can Take Some Preventive Measures to Keep Bears Away 

To keep bears away from your property and house make sure you keep food sources out of your yard. Make sure there is no food near the outside of your house. Protect your pets and take down bird feeders. If you store your trash cans outside it may be a good idea to start storing them inside of your garage or shed if you have one. Keep the trash cans locked away tight.

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