Whether you live in Boston, Springfield, Worcester, the Berkshires and all points in between, Massachusetts has some bizarre laws. Some of those laws are still technically in existence even though you would never be fined or arrested for breaking them. For example, I can't imagine that if you defaced a milk carton Massachusetts police would be in hurry to fine or arrest you. Then again stranger things have happened? In all seriousness, maybe some of these laws made sense to some people at one time but nowadays they are very outdated and again, just plain strange at least in my opinion. You can check out 31 of them by going here.

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There's a Very Odd Massachusetts Diaper Law That I Just Don't Understand

Another weird Massachusetts law that I recently stumbled upon and had no clue about is the fact that it's illegal to deliver diapers on Sundays even in the case of emergencies. This is according to a few online sources. Again, I'm sure that nobody is going to get arrested if they deliver diapers to another person on Sunday, especially in these current times as more and more Massachusetts residents are struggling to afford diapers which you can read more about by going here.

Can You Figure Out This Bizarre Massachusetts Law?

I honestly can't figure out why this diaper-delivering act on Sundays would be illegal in Massachusetts or any state for that matter. I'm completely stumped, do you have any thoughts?

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