I didn’t have a root beer float until I was 29 years old.

Let me explain where I’m going with this…

Summer is almost here, and kids all over Berkshire County will be starting summer vacation soon.  Lots of childhood memories, and lots of childhood experiences will happen when school is out and the weather is hot!

As such, I was looking at a couple lists of both common childhood memories, and favorite childhood memories, such as those formed over summer break.  While reading the lists, I realized there were many experiences I never had as a kid.

Four hugging and smiling children, view from below

One of those experiences I never had was drinking a root beer float.

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Now, I don’t think this caused any lasting trauma (plenty of other things did that).  However, I remember my wife was shocked when I told her.  It’s like I was from a different planet.

“You never had a root beer float?!”  she asked, mouth agape.

“Nope, I’ve never had one,” I responded, now clearly thinking there was something wrong with me.  Especially since I love both root beer and vanilla ice cream.  I then proceeded to tell her I never got ice cream from an ice cream truck as a kid, either.

Some other common childhood experiences I never had include climbing a tree, camping, going to the beach, going to a big city, or taking a vacation.  I still feel very left out when people say they’ve been to Disneyland.

Family walking on beach

Other top favorite childhood memories include having a pet, school field trips, and remembering your favorite song.  

This isn’t to shame my parents or anything.  I had a very loving home, and growing up on a farm was cool.  Not many other kids could say they knew how to halter a cow, climb up the side of a hay conveyer, or just pet bulls in their backyard.  But, looking back, I see now how it was a unique experience compared to a more traditional childhood.

And this got me thinking…are there any common childhood experiences that you never experienced?  Do you regret anything?

Would someone you know say ‘Really’ to you, like my wife did to me?  Likewise, do you have kids and try to give them experiences that you never had?  I’m curious to know!

Also, am I the only one that never had a root beer float until they were almost thirty years old?


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