While most of us are thinking about fall and Halloween activities, the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts is already one to the next.
The largest city in the Berkshires has begun its search for a 2022 Holiday Tree. City officials are looking for residents who have a tree that would be perfect to donate and serve as Pittsfield’s official downtown holiday tree at Park Square.

What kind of tree is the city looking for exactly? Representatives say the tree must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for selection.
  • Minimum height of approximately 30 feet
  • Superior shape
  • Ease of access to the tree for cutting
  • Adequate room to safely fall the tree
  • Ease of transporting the tree
Cutting and installation at Park Square, which would be handled by the city of Pittsfield, will be scheduled shortly after the tree has been selected.
The holiday tree at Park Square serves as a backdrop for the city's downtown holiday celebrations including a ceremonial lighting in early December. Previous year's celebrations have included performances from local choruses, complimentary hot chocolate and if you're lucky, an appearance from Mr. & Mrs. Claus.
Interested parties should contact Becky Manship, Pittsfield’s Recreation and Special Events Coordinator, no later than November 4 at 413-499-9371 or via email at parks@cityofpittsfield.org.

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