The list of all 50 states' Halloween candy came out last week and I'm abhorred at the top choice in Massachusetts.

The List Is Out Just In Time For The Ghoulish Candy Fest!


The Numbers Don't Lie!, an online candy retailer specializing in wholesale and bulk orders, has sought to determine the “most popular” Halloween candies in each state, based largely on the past 16 years of the company’s sales data in the months leading up to Halloween. 

Massachusetts 2021 (Last Year)

1. Sour Patch Kids

2. Butterfinger

3. Dubble Bubble bubble gum

Massachusetts 2022 (This Year) Yes, I Know It's Currently 2023.

1. Butterfinger!

2. Sour Patch Kids

3. Dubble Bubble bubble gum

Butterfinger? Really? 

"Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger"! -Bart Simpson

Butterfingers are like sedimentary rock layers of crunchy butter whatever it is covered in chocolate.


My Pics For The Best and Worst Halloween Candy!


  • Mounds bars. I mean Almond Joy, Mounds' brother, is tolerable, but Mounds bars have just TOO MUCH coconut, right?
  • Raisinets. There is only one thing worse than a raisin, and that's a raisin covered in chocolate.
  • Atomic Fire Balls. Individually wrapped, super hard sugar balls with a think layer of spicy cinnamon! Hate 'em. Big Red gum is awful too.
  • Candy Corn. Pure sugar, and tastes nothing like corn, but a marshmello and vanilla mix. Just nasty.
  • Circus Peanuts. Stop me if you've heard this before, but these things are just terrible. Although, I kinda like the smell of them.


  • Skittles. Colorful and delicious, although it can rough up your tongue!
  • Kit Kat Bars. Simple and crunchy, gimme a break!
  • Sour Patch Kids. You will have inflamed taste buds after eating a bag, but they're great!
  • Peanut M & M's. I stress, the peanut part, regular M and M's are way too plain and boring.
  • SnickersThis candy bar has it all! With the perfect ratio of chocolate, peanuts, nougat, caramel, Snickers is sure to satisfy.

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