If you're going to be out and about for a night on the town somewhere in Massachusetts, you might as well do it with a view! Rooftop bars always seem to bring a little something extra to the vibe for your night out, and as it turns out, Massachusetts is home to one that ranks among the best rooftop bars throughout the U.S.

The popular travel and lifestyle publication, 'Enjoy Travel', recently released their list of the 25 Best Rooftop Bars in the U.S. While this list stretches to several spots throughout the country, not only did one particular rooftop bar in Massachusetts make that top 25, but they were in the top 10! So, where can we find this great spot for nightlife when you're out on the town in the Bay State? You can probably guess that you would need to head to Boston.

  • Lookout Rooftop Bar

Boston's Lookout Rooftop Bar ranked as the 9th best rooftop bar in the U.S. As you can tell, they have some pretty amazing views everywhere you look. They even have heated igloos for the winters as well. Here is what 'Enjoy Travel' had to say about the unique rooftop joint:

Perched on top of the Envoy Hotel, Lookout is one of the best rooftop bars in Boston for its sweeping harbour views. It’s the perfect destination for any occasion – afternoon brunches, romantic sunset date nights, casual catch-ups – which means it’s popular too. You’ll be able to spot the queue before you see the front door.

During the winter, they set up snuggly igloos to keep it cosy, while in the summer you can enjoy the sun-filled patio. Kick back, deep dive into the wine list and enjoy the trendy tunes.


If you're looking for something a little extra for your night out on the town while you're out and about in Boston, you know where to go for a great view!

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