Massachusetts weather has been absolutely beautiful lately and the sounds, smells, and sights of summer are in the air. Here in the Berkshires, the weather has been downright gorgeous. I have been witnessing plenty of lawn mowing activity. I have been passing by a growing number of walkers when taking my walks and I have been listening to the birds converse with each other in the early morning hours. In addition, I have noticed the delicious scents coming from outside grills in my neighborhood, pure joy. All of the signs of summertime are here in the Berkshires and it is a wonderful treat for our senses.

Berkshire County is a Great Place for Doing Some Bike Riding

Another activity that comes along with the beautiful Berkshire weather is cycling. I have seen plenty of folks on their bikes soaking in the Berkshire County sun. The Berkshires certainly offers some great areas to ride a bike including the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail. In addition, there are a decent amount of other trails in the Berkshires and all across New England to do some biking and you can discover those locations by checking out Bike New England.

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There are Still Some Bicyclists in the Berkshires Riding without Helmets, is This Illegal in Massachusetts? 

As I mentioned before I have seen plenty of folks enjoying the Berkshire weather while on their bikes but believe it or not, occasionally I still see some folks riding without a helmet. I'm not a bike-riding expert by any means and you may laugh, but I always thought that it was Massachusetts law to wear a helmet when riding a bike. Well, it is to a degree.

According to MassBike, if you are 16 years of age or younger, you must be wearing a helmet when riding in the State of Massachusetts. In addition, the helmet must be a proper fit. If you fail to do this, you (your parents/guardian in the case) could be subject to a $20 fine and you could be saying goodbye to your bicycle for up to 15 days. Other than that, you can legally ride at your own risk in Massachusetts without a helmet. You can learn more about this law and other Massachusetts bike laws by going here. You can also get statistics on bicyclist deaths related to not wearing a helmet by going here.

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