New England is simply loaded with popular supermarket chains: Price Chopper/Market 32, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Market Basket, Big Y, Hannaford, Price Rite, Aldi, Roche Bros., Trader Joe, and the list goes on.

And chances are, if the area where you live doesn't have one of these supermarkets, you'll probably find one a relatively short drive away. I like to shop locally, but several of my friends have nothing against going to Springfield or Holyoke to grocery shop.

Some people I know take the trip to neighboring states like New York or Connecticut to get their supermarket items and I even have one pair of friends that get their groceries in New Hampshire.

The point is some people are perfectly willing to travel quite a distance for what they consider to be better prices or a better selection. If you had to guess, what would you think is the "most popular" supermarket chain in Massachusetts?

Recently, foot-traffic analytics firm released its report on the most-visited supermarkets in the Northeast, and the most popular was #1 in THREE New England States.

Here's a hint: This supermarket chain is based out of Quincy, MA.

What? The hint was not helpful? I'm sorry. The answer is Stop & Shop! Yes indeed. Stop & Shop was the #1 most visited supermarket chain not only in Massachusetts but also in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Rounding out the rest of the New England states: Hannaford (which is based out of Maine) is #1 in Maine and Vermont, while the most popular in New Hampshire is Market Basket.

To see what the second and third most popular supermarket chains are for each state and to see what ranked #1 in other northeastern states, visit's website here. Who knows? You may end up visiting other states to check out the supermarket selection!

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