Massachusetts residents are all too familiar with big snowstorms, frigid temperatures, and power outages. One storm that comes to my mind was the one that happened right around Halloween in 2011. We were slammed with snow over a period of a couple of days (right around 32 inches in some areas of the Bay State) with the storm forming on Oct. 29. Other than the Oct. 29 storm, Massachusetts didn't receive a whole lot of snow that particular winter but we have definitely made up for it in other years.

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Snow Emergencies are Par for the Course in Massachusetts

You may remember a recent article we published that listed the five Massachusetts cities/towns that receive the most snow each year. If you missed that one you can check it out by going here. To continue that theme, we thought it would be fun to see how much snow Massachusetts has received in a 24-hour period. There are plenty of times during the winter when towns and cities throughout Massachusetts have to declare snow emergencies because of incoming storms.

So, How Much Snow Has Massachusetts Received in a 24-Hour Period?

According to, Worcester received a staggering 31.9 inches on Jan. 27, 2015, by far Massachusetts’ highest single-day snowfall total, based on National Weather Service records. Wow! That storm must have been a doozy for Worcester residents. Are you hoping for a light winter this year or do you want to see buckets of snow?

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