Listeners of "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" may have heard some chatter regarding the big Mega Millions winning ticket being sold in Belchertown, MA on Tuesday at a local Stop & Shop there.

Massachusetts has sold merely winning tickets (jackpot) since Mega Millions' inception. This time the winning ticket was worth $31M, lots shy of the recent $1.4B winning ticket that was sold in Lebanon, ME.

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I posted recently about just how rich Massachusetts is compared to the other 49 states. Yeah, the bay state is SECOND in the nation in total wealth.

Massachusetts is exceptionally wealthy, earning the 2nd highest real per capita income and highest per capita personal consumption expenditures of any state. For a city its size, Boston is very wealthy, despite an increasing wealth gap, and the surrounding suburbs are among the richest in the nation.

If I asked to name the richest person in Massachusetts, could you name him or her? I bet you might say New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and you would be close!

Kraft is worth $10.6B, according to, however the RICHEST person in the commonwealth is none other than Fidelity President Abigail Johnson. Johnson's net worth is about $20B!

In an American culture that's obsessed with getting rich, seeing these numbers may anger some people lol. Although most people who are rich most likely had a generational wealth advantage from the start, there are some self made millionaires/billionaires out there!

Money isn't everything...

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