Imagine yourself with a bank account that only has a few bucks in it. You wake up, go about your day and at what point, you log on to see what the status of your account is and you realize you have over $1 million deposited in.

That's what happened to a Boston woman named Ellen Fleming.

"A bank account that I had $50 in had over $1 million deposited into it," Fleming said in a Twitter post. "A banker made a HUGE mistake and confused me with another Ellen Fleming. I was rich for 10 minutes & I can tell you, life was in fact better.

"I'm now humbled from losing all my money."

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Fleming said -- for a brief moment -- she thought about quitting her job, paying off her student loans and living the lavish life of a millionaire. But she did the right thing by alerting TD Ameritrade about the snafu after receiving an out-of-nowhere voicemail from the financial institution.

For a brief moment, the 26-year-old Fleming was part of the millionaire club. Between 1:50 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. one afternoon, Fleming had (jokingly) made it and wants to be remembered for those 600 seconds.

"Please make sure that in my obituary I am referred to as 'One-time millionaire, Ellen Fleming'," she said via Twitter.


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