In the words of comedian Jim Gaffigan, "Has your mother ever made anything as good as a McDonald's fry? Not even close." Well, the amount of french fries in your happy meal just got smaller.

In another effort to be healthier, McDonald's is once again adjusting the items in its trademark "Happy Meal".

By June of this year, according to, (cheese) burgers will be eliminated from happy meals, and kids sized fries, and bottled water will be added. The goal is to have happy meals be under 600 calories.

The new Happy Meals could reduce calories by 20%, added sugars by 50%, saturated fat by 13% and/or sodium by 17%

With cheeseburgers being omitted from the happy meal menu as well as chocolate milk, you can still order a hamburger, 4 or 6 piece chicken McNuggets, however. McDonald's introduced apples to the happy meal menu in 2004, and eliminated soda in 2013. You lovin' it?

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