Michelle Branch's loud music is about to be met by some loud crying — the Hopeless Romantic singer and her husband-to-be, Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, announced they're having a baby together.

Branch, who announced her engagement to Carney in July 2017, shared an ultrasound video via Instagram Thursday (February 8) in which her bundle of joy gently moves and wiggles through the frame.

"Well, we were just about to send out Save The Dates for our wedding in May when we got this little surprise Baby Carney is happening this summer and Patrick and I couldn’t be more excited!" she captioned the shot, which drew immediate adoration from fans.

"Are y'all trying to genetically engineer a perfect musician baby?" one wrote, while another noted "Will be a musical baby for sure...can you fit a drum kit in there?"

Branch has another child, a 12-year-old daughter named Owen Isabelle, from a relationship with her ex-husband, bass player Teddy Landau.

Branch and Carney have been together since 2015, and Branch routinely gushes about her fiance and co-worker (Carney produced Branch's latest LP) via social media. She also told Billboard in March 2017 that their attraction has been mutual...and many years in the making.

"Pat has said, 'I ­remember seeing you on MTV in the early 2000s and ­thinking you were really cute,'" she said "It’s like, why couldn’t we have just met each other in our 20s? We would have saved so much heartache!"

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