Berkshire County saw around three inches of snow before the big game even started, but that's not all the snow Berkshire County will get this week.

If you feel like it's been snowing nonstop this winter, you're actually correct. We're bascially six week into 2021 and Berkshire County has seen signifcant snowfall at least once a week, and in a few cases twice, every single week but one. It looks like this week could be another two snowfall weeks.

Another storm system will move in from the west hitting us tomorrow, which could drop another 3-5 inches of snow on us. Snow will start overnight, with maybe an inch falling, then another possible 3-5 tomorrow morning.
And then there's Friday. The National Weather Service is currently looking at a forecast model that shows a more robust storm for Friday, which popular snow prediction blog Greylock Snow Day thinks could yield six to eight inches. At this moment, however, The Weather Channel is prediction only one to two inches of snow for Friday.
If you're a snow sport enthusiast, you've been in heaven this year. If you're a snow hater, well... we know where you've been. On avergage, January is the snowiest month of the year for Berkshire County, so techinically the worst should be behind us, but in The Berkshire, you never know.
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