It's official! We are now in a "winter" frame of mind as the solstice took effect at 4:47 pm on Wednesday afternoon. That means we are going to see a little extra moment of daylight each and every day (but not much as the sun will keep setting prior to 5 pm for the next month and a half). In February, the daylight hours extend at 5:30 pm and we'll have 50/50 days starting in March. But until we get there, fasten your seat belt.

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There are talks about travel problems which will permeate our listening area, particularly on Friday as temperatures will reach the 50's and then will take a major nose dive by sunset as we'll see lows in the teens. Two ugly words: Flash Freeze which means any standing water will show signs of ice build up which could cause major problems on the roads and high winds will affect air travel, so it is suggested that you make alternate arrangements to stay safe and not get caught in a precarious predicament.

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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day should be fine, but Ol' Man Winter will grip his ugly claw as the thermometer will only reach the 20 degree mark coupled by severe wind chills. Make sure you are properly prepared when hitting the road. Always carry an emergency kit and contact roadside assistance if the need arises.

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The Farmer's Almanac states this will be a cold and snowy winter this season although their prognostications have been in left field in the past. but other reliable sources state that it could be milder than expected. Granted, I don't mind when it snows, but when it impacts my daily routine and travel plans, then I have an issue with Mother Nature, but she has her own agenda as a calendar is NOT in the cards at any time.

Accu-Weather states that our tri-state region will see near average temperatures for the next few weeks, although this Friday's setback hopefully is NOT a precursor for what is in store until spring finally sets in. Two words: "STAY TUNED"!

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