Many people visit and move to Massachusetts as the Bay State offers a variety of cultures among many tastes. Whether it's checking out a concert at Tanglewood in Lenox, taking a tour of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, or exploring the many museums that are available across the state, Massachusetts has something for everyone. Plus, Massachusetts is a top state to reside in as we are known as one of the best states to raise a family along with being a sound state for a quality education.

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As with many other states, it's not all roses in Massachusetts. We have our fair share of violence and drug problems. One form of crime and drug violence is gang-related. Though it may be right in front of our faces every day, gang activity exists in Massachusetts.

What is the Most Dangerous Gang in Massachusetts? 

According to the MCAC, The most dangerous gang in Massachusetts and one of the oldest is 'Lenox Street Boys' otherwise known as the 'Lenox Street Cardinals'. According to Wikipedia, the gang originated in the Lenox Street Projects in the Tremont section of Roxbury, Boston.

The gang has been visible on Boston Police's radar since the mid-1980s as they terrorized local stores and civilians. They were also among the only gang to feud with New York–based drug gangs associated with drug lord Darryl Whiting.

Boston Police along with federal and state law officials have been making strides to take down the gang as several arrests were made in two separate raids that took place in 2011 and 2016. You can read more about those raids by going here.

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